Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chapter 6

It was a cold, dreary night. The wind was howling outside my window. Deer dashed for the safety of the trees as the rain stabbed at the ground like icy daggers. The man known only as "sparky-sparky-boom-man" peered into the window from behind a tree. He watched the fire as it crackled in the hearth, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Time crept by, and the storm raged on, but "Sparky-sparky-boom-man" did not move. Still as the north star, he sat. Inside, the fire slowly died, cuing him. "Sparky-sparky-boom-man" crouched low, ready to act. Lightning struck the tree just north of him, sending "sparky-sparky-boom-man" into a fury of movement.

Then, my blog was born.

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