Saturday, May 1, 2010

Newest Goal

I hate Egypt. There's just something about Egypt that I can't stand. I have no idea why, I just do. I'm not mean to Egyptians or anything. I just don't like them. If I come across one I don't hate on them, I just try to be polite until it's all over. I hate mummies from Egypt. Mummies from South America are great, mummies from Egypt are DISGUSTING! Pyramids creep me out if they're from Egypt. Pyramids from any other nation are super exciting! I can't pinpoint it, but I just have this huge disliking for all things Egyptian.

Then there's Italy. I would kill to go to Italy. I can stare at images of Italy forever. I seriously can. I could even stand to sit through an Italian history lesson. I hate history! I don't know what fascinates me so much with Italy...probably the same thing that drives me to hate Egypt. I love Italian food (even though I guarantee it's nothing like the food in Italy). I love Italian words. I love Italian fashions. Even though I can't stand run down buildings, I could stand to live in one in Italy.

I was talking to Nathan about this, and he came up with a brilliant idea. Why not get a sponsorship to go to Italy for one reason or another! It's a great idea! I could search out sponsorships from a museum or something and go research the culture of Italy. I know Woodbury is HUGE on culture...and they love to do galleries. I would do it! I'd do anything they asked me to! If they told me to learn to sculpt while out there, I'd do it. If they told me to photograph insects out there, I'd do it! I'd do anything they told me to IF they paid for most my way out there.

That's my new goal. I'm going to work my tail off this next year in school (or maybe two) and I'm going to learn every possible photography thing I can. Then I'll go to work on the sponsorship thing. I'll make sure I visit every museum and learn about what kind of things they look for. Then I'll do it!

I am going to Italy one way or another, and if this doesn't work out I'm sure I'll find another way to get there.

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