Saturday, June 12, 2010


So I decided that life would be incredibly dull if I lived in a normal, traditional, Mormon family. No offense to those of you who do. I just think I'd get bored.

It would be so weird to go visit Grandma on Sundays. Could you imagine that? I sure can't!

Or having all my siblings in one house? Well I probably wouldn't have nine siblings (not including nieces and nephews that I live with now). I'd probably have a few siblings, like three or so. I would watch them all grow up. WEIRD!

I like having my family so spread out that I can only talk to most of them through text or FB. Or having so many siblings that I'm not actually related to a few of them. I love living with my grandma and all my nieces and nephews. Of course there are some things I could live the stupid things my older sisters have done all my life... But life wouldn't be the same if I didn't have to keep track of four screaming kids, go to a baseball game here and there, make sure my older brother isn't being stupid (again), or even just having no mom or dad to raise me. I'm not sorry that they didn't get to raise me, and I'm not wishing for a new life. I love this life...with all it's problems and issues. It keeps me busy, and probably out of a lot of trouble.

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