Thursday, July 15, 2010


This post goes in line with the last post.

Now that I spring cleaned my life of all the people that hurt me, some people are saying I need to talk it out with these girls. To that I say: No-siree-bob!

I tried that one time. I tried to talk it out. But that failed. I'm pretty sure everything I said went in one ear and out the other. I wasn't rude. I just told them how I felt. I didn't accuse them of anything. When telling them how I felt I said stuff like "It feels like I did something wrong," etc. Never once did I tell them that they were jerks or brats or stupid. I wanted to, but I didn't.

When someone says "you should talk to them" it paints this picture in my mind:

I'm standing at the bottom of the boomerang slide at Seven Peaks. Up one side are the girls. Up the other is revenge (he's wearing a tux). All I have to do is climb up. Simple? NO! It's a blasted water-slide! It's slippery, steep, and wet. First I try to climb up to the girls. But there is nothing to grip. So I slip and fall. I get water in my face, bruises on my knees, and my arms get plastic burns from sliding on my bare skin. I try again. I push myself. But I fall harder. So I try climbing the other side. It's not as tall, it seems easier. But I fall just has hard. It's not worth it to reach revenge. The easiest, least painful way, is just out. Just walk out the exit. It lets me live my life, free of pain. It doesn't make me feel stupid by not being able to accomplish the impossible, and it keeps blood off the slide.

I don't want to try to climb a water slide. I want to go explore the pools. I want to jump off diving boards. I want to eat! I don't want to waste my time trying to reach them. I tried that. Several times. It's not worth it to me now. If they decide to come to me, I won't stop them. I won't tell them to get out of my life. But I am not going after them. I chased them in Disneyland, at school, and in life in general. I am done. Get it? D-O-N-E.

Now will you excuse me while I go explore some other, friendlier slides.

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