Thursday, July 1, 2010

Girls Camp

Lets take a stroll through my personal thesaurus. Flip to page two hundred. If you don't have a copy, don't feel bad. Only three have ever been made and two of those were eaten by rare Jurassic creatures. The other one is mine. Anyway, on page two hundred it says:

Girls Camp: One of the rings of Dante's Inferno. Unmentioned in copies of his works because it was too horrendous to be legal. Synonyms: Hell, Death, Torture. Antonyms: Exciting, Peaceful, Heaven.

Let me explain. The first time  to girls camp as a twelve year old can be kind of scary. You probably barely know anyone there, and it's weird being in these cabins for a week with them. Your second year is alright. Not the best, but hey, at least you aren't as scared anymore. The third year is kind of dull. You're still considered one of the younger girls, but you're older than the younger girls. Fourth year is fun. You get to be a YCL. Fifth year you get to be a YCL too...but that is pushing it because you're way older than anyone else there. By the time you've reached your sixth year... you're ready to die.

Once you reach your sixth year, you realize there are so many other things you could be doing with your life for that week. You could be home working. You could be with family. Everyone at camp is so much younger than you. I mean heck, sixth years are usually graduated!

In all fairness, camp is a good experience for the younger girls, and for many of the older girls. It does help them to get closer to their ward and stuff.

I just don't want to go. I hate the other girls my age, with a couple of exceptions. And I'm way older than the other girls. I've grown so far apart from the other girls my age that I don't know them anymore, so why would I want to spend a week with them?

I get homesick just going to Nathan's everyday. And his house is like a second home to me! I just hate leaving my house with no way to know what's going on with them. I don't like the idea of going down to Shalom to spend a week in some cabin with people I don't know and don't like. I could be home doing things I need to be doing, like refilling barrels, or potty training Derek. I really don't like leaving my bedroom unattended. I'm scared of what might happen. What if no one feeds my frogs? What if Derek gets in there and decides he wants to pet the frogs? What if he breaks my record player? What if I come back and all my clothes are gone? I really can't have that... at all...

See, I'm sitting here worrying and stressing out. This is definitely a ring of Hell. I'm so upset about going that I'm sick. My head is constantly hurting and I can't eat. You would think that I could just say no and not go, but I went and volunteered to help some younger girls with something because the other girls my age are too dang lazy.

That's another thing, I watch Charlie for 8 hours a day, then I go home and watch the kids at my house. I'm always running errands for my grandma or siblings, which is fine. I'm getting ready to go to school and work full time. I'm helping Braxton to get ready for Kindergarten. I'm helping the kids get ready for school. Then when someone asks me to volunteer I say yes, because I know that no one else will do it. Then the other girls have the nerve to say they're too busy? I would like to see their schedules. One of them sits  at home day after day. No job. No little siblings. No cleaning. She just sits. oOo she's so busy! The other girl has no job either, she just plays music all day long. Oh hour less of violin time? That's going to ruin me for good! Seriously? They make me sick. I don't want to go to camp if I'm going to have to help keep their end up too. I swear that if they fall behind and don't do something I'm not going to do it. I'm not going to allow them a free ride when the rest of us have to do stuff. They can just suffer the consequences.

There is one little bright spot in all of this Hellish torture. Robyn. I will get to spend the week with her. That'll be good. She goes off to school soon, so this is like one of the only times we'll have to hang out. We'll get to talk and do stuff together... And yes, I plan on excluding the other girls my age.

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  1. Sounds like a perfect week to me! You and me craft cabin sleepers!