Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'm a Big Girl Now, WOW!

Today marks the beginning of a new era. In less than an hour I'll be going to the singles' ward. I'll be mingling with big people! People my age. People in college mostly. People in that weird stage of life where it's hard to let go, but the excitement of growing up is tugging on you.

I can just feel it. Everything is about to change. It's like having a word on the tip of your tongue. That's what it feels like. There's a future at the tips of my fingers, I just can't quite reach it yet. I won't be forced to sit with painfully ignorant people in classes at school. These people will have made it through the first rounds of elimination: Generals. We'll all be heading in the same direction: Directing. I'll be two years younger than them... Other than that, this will be awesome!

Everybody keeps talking about how nervous they are for college. Lots of people are worried about how hard the classes are going to be. I'm just excited for four classes total. Not four a day, or ten total. FOUR CLASSES TOTAL! I'll have time to get a job! I'll have time to study! I'll have time to sit down and read once in a while! It'll be wonderful! I am so not nervous for college.

I am nervous for one class though: Acting. That's right. I'm taking an acting class. It's required before I take a directing class. I am not an actress. I can't act. I'm not that into being someone else. I tried acting one time with my friends, that was not fun. I was worried the whole time about what I was doing.

My classes are going to be so much fun, aside from that acting class. But who knows, maybe that will be fun too! I like how I got to choose which classes I want to take. From here on out I only have fun classes. No more torture classes. I get to be with people who want to be there as much as me. That's what I'm excited for.

Well, time is ticking away. I better get ready for church. Maybe I'll run into Amber and Jared. How weird would that be?! ADIOS!

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