Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Apparently there has been some speculation in the past about how I feel about things. In other words, lots of people think I'm angry at or hate certain people. So it's time to clear things up a bit.

To begin this meeting, this post is going out to a bunch of people via email. So if you randomly opened your mail today and saw a message from me, it's because this is a blog post that concerns you in one way or another. I don't think there are any other announcements on the board, so lets get started.

First item of business is the past. Since the past is such a broad topic, let's narrow it down to a "recent past"--say a year or two. A lot of things happened in the past two years. Like a bunch of us graduated from high school. and a bunch of us decided that one of us isn't cool enough to hang out or something like that. Which is totally alright. It's part of high school. I don't have much to say on this first business item, because a lot of it happened outside of my control.

The second thing I wanna talk about is my POV on this whole thing. I hate choir, sorry guys, I do. I don't hate people in choir, but I hate the fact that it kinda made me an outcast. I support my friends being in choir, and I will go to their performances, but there is no way in heck I will ever like the idea of choir. I know that sounds harsh, but I don't really see any of you asking me about how my academics are going, so I'm not going to treat you any differently than you treat me, so suck it up. If you wanted me to be interested in your choir lives then you should have been interested in mine.

I was in the middle of typing up the fourth thing on my agenda, when I read through this again. I realized that I just spit back out everything someone once told me. Two people actually. I remember being really crushed by what they said, so I deleted it and decided to say "Look, guys, I love you, and I want to be friends with you. It's hard when you guys all treat me not so nicely, so I decided to give up. I'm not going to go out of my way to be nice, but I won't be mean either. I'll always be here for you to come to if you need help. I will never turn my back on you no matter how much you hate me. I'm here, with open arms. You know where to find me."

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