Thursday, August 19, 2010

Basic Update

I just want the whole world to know how amazing life is right now.

Tomorrow is my first job interview, so cross your fingers for me! =)

My oldest sister gets a retrial. Right now she's in rehab, turning her life around. The lady who screwed it all up before is dead... which sounds terrible, but it's a really big blessing for Angie and Cami. Because with a retrial, there will be a new guardian ad lidem. With Angie doing so fantastic, and the WWW lady dead, the new person will know nothing but the sweet and loving Daughter of God that my sister is. That can mean a whole new life for Cami, she won't get hurt anymore by her father. So everyone pray that it'll go well.

My other older sister, Jentry, is doing fantastic as well. I mean she still drives me nuts sometimes at home, but oh well. She has completely changed her life around too. I am really proud of her progress and how hard she is trying. And I'm really bummed that she can't bedazzle her ankle monitor. =)

School is starting, and my nephew, Brax, gets to start kindergarten. Chan will be going into the second grade, and this is Makenzie's last year in elementary school. I can't believe it! They're all so self motivated right now, too! Mak is teaching Brax to read, working on her penmanship (which Grandma deems to be a really important thing in life), and she's working through puberty right now. Chan has started scouts, and is working his tail off to do as much as he can and be the best scout he can be. He's even teaching his best friend scout stuff. Brax has finally gained the confidence to use the toilet instead of his pants, and ride a bike without training wheels.

All in all, life is finally awesome!!

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