Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Generation Gap is Getting Much Bigger

So I was reading the comics today, then the horoscopes and history section, like I always do. Then I decided to read the section where stupid people ask advice of someone who supposedly knows everything. The question today was "My mother doesn't do email. She doesn't have access to, or the capabilities to use a home computer and the internet. How do I keep in touch with her if I can't email her?" Not kidding! That was the question. Want to know what the answer was? A bunch of websites that you email, they print out your email and physically mail it to your grandparent. It costs thirteen dollars a month. I'm serious!

How freakin' ridiculous is that?! What is wrong with people these days!? Can't they type up a letter, like an email, and print it themselves? It's not that hard! You have to type papers for school, so they should know how to do it. And in actuality, it isn't that different to write a letter instead of an email anyway. Instead of pressing a send button, you put a stamp on it and put it in a box. OoOo! So hard!

Things like this just really frustrate me. Everyone talks about how smart Asians are, or how other cultures do so well in the world. It's like they think it's some great mystery. "Oh! Asians are geniuses, they're all born that way." NOT! They study their butts off to get where they are. Their whole senior year of high school is test after test after test, without a break. They study everything! They study math, languages, music, computers, science, you name it, they study it. And they don't get away with failing grades. They are pushed to their limits, which pushes their limits further.

We, in America, have it so easy. I mean we take three math classes in high school! To make that easier, we get to choose which math we do! If we suck at algebra we can take geometry instead. In Asian countries, they have to take it all! and they have to PASS it all!

I bet they all know how to use snail mail. It's common sense! Sure, email is easy and a lot faster, but there are some things that I would not email. Besides, sometimes it's nice to get regular mail instead. It's a little more heartfelt.

Not only can people not send snail mail, people don't know how to write properly, or use real words. There is a ton of shorthand out there for internet use, such as LOL and BTW. Things like that cause people to use the word "cuz" instead of "because." There is no grammar check so people are going crazy with the "your" instead of "you're." Then people complain that English classes are too hard. I bet people in China don't whine that Chinese is too hard. If you really have a problem learning real English, then go learn Spanish. It's the easiest language to learn.

People want to know things, but they don't take the time to actually learn them. The only math they want to learn is 2+2. The only English they want to learn is slang and how to write an email. I think there is something seriously wrong with America. People need to start being pushed again. Schools shouldn't cater to the weak and the whiners. They should keep pushing kids from the time they start school. Teachers shouldn't get in trouble for having hard curriculum. C should not be a passing grade. It should be just as bad as an F. Kids should have to take hard classes all the way up to the time they graduate from college. There should be way more than four classes a day. Mythology and Film Lit should not be English credits. All history classes should be AP style. And seniors in high school should be required to take a test every week or more.

If people these days can't even figure out how to send regular mail, we're in for some serious trouble, America.

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