Monday, August 23, 2010

Lucy and Ethel

When you're little, you make friends because subconsciously you know they're like family, and family is comforting in places like school. You make friends based on true interests. Someone has a sandwich like yours. Or you both like to swing at recess. Or you happen to ride the same bus and like to sit in the back. You do things that you like because YOU like them. Not because some invisible person wrote about it in a magazine. Not because this really super cute boy at school dates girls that like that stuff. You like it because when you're little, the world revolves around you.

In "I Love Lucy," Lucy and Ethel are friends because they seem to think a lot alike. Granted, Lucy is the one with the hairbrained schemes, while Ethel tries to keep her grounded. Deep down, though, they laugh at the same jokes, they think the same plans will work (they never do), they make the same sarcastic remarks, they have the same taste in fashion (black and white...and frilly). They compliment each other.

On TV these days friendships are showed differently. In reality TV, the best friends of any show fight like heck but still consider each other "besties." I don't understand how that works. Even on the Disney channel friendships are a bit weird. There's always a person who is a certain way, then there is someone who is totally opposite of them, but they're friends. I mean, there's nothing wrong with this for TV, but I think it's messing up people's ideas of friendships in real life.

When I fight with a friend, it's over. If I am not mature enough to stand behind this friend in what she/he believes then there is no point in us being friends. If she/he is not mature enough to stand behind me, then I expect them to leave. Yea, people have many different interests. I like film, for example, and Nathan likes computers (and pieces of computers). I don't understand a single thing he says about them, and honestly, it doesn't interest me. What interests me about it though is how much he likes it. I can't tell you a single thing he tells me because I don't retain much of it. I love to listen though. I love to hear him talk about what he wants to do with this new found passion. Sitting through endless talks about hard drives and graphics cards  is so worth it to me because I know that it's what he likes to do. (and I know he gets to sit through endless talks about cameras and acting styles.)

I had lots of friends starting high school...but I forgot how to listen. So I lost almost every single one of them. It took time, but eventually they all flitted off, which they should have! I didn't pay much attention to most of them. I tried to pay attention to some of them, but it was hard. I tried to pay attention to Rachel's choir interest, but I didn't want to have anything to do with people in choir. I didn't (and still don't) really like them. I never learned how to just listen to what she had to say about it. It's something I'm just now learning. And it's hard because sometimes, I don't think she listens to me... And I really enjoy sharing my ideas. I know that that friendship is pretty much at a standstill and isn't going to go anywhere, but I still try. Sometimes she doesn't try...and that's okay.

I just want a friendship like Lucy and Ethel. One where we get into stupid messes or say silly things or just be ourselves, but we can always laugh about it later no matter what. I have Nathan, and that's awesome, but I just wish sometimes that I had an Ethel in my life. I have my Ricky...I just need my Ethel.

(so if you're name is Ethel, then hit me up in the comments... )

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