Friday, August 27, 2010


So pretty much, I'm exhausted. It's only been three days but it feels a lot longer. I worked Wednesday from eight to eleven and had classes from eleven to five with only a ten minute break between each... oh and each class is at least two hours. Talk about killer.

My classes are pretty class like. I'll probably talk about each one later, but right now I'm pretty focused on my film class. My photo class will be cake (long, boring cake...) and my digital class will be pretty digital like. My acting class is a whole other story entirely.

My film class is graduate level stuff. An A is extremely rare (one in every seventy get it). My class has seventy people in it, 60 boys and 10 girls. We watch movies and then pick them apart. It sounds easy enough, until you find out what you're picking out of the movie. By the end of the class this semester we should be able to watch any movie and say "this is scene one, act one. This is where act two begins." In a play that's easy. In a movie, yea, right! Have you ever watch a movie and thought "hmmm, act one was very well put together"? yea, because I haven't! Aside from picking out acts, we need to be able to answer the question "what did the use of props do for this movie?" my answer right now is something like "well, without the props, Harry Potter wouldn't have had a wand to do magic with..." So we can all see that that question is going to kick my butt. I made a friend in that class though. So I can make him study with me and we can kick trash together (even though he's my competition). His name is Sam. He's a funny kid.

So I'm ready to kick trash in this major. and if any of you wants to stand in my way, I hope you've repented for all your sins because I might just have to speed up this life for you. No I'm kidding. but I am serious about this major. I'm going to do it, and I'm going to do it well. I'm going to get that A. and every other A I can. I'm going to make my professors say "whoa, that girl wants this, and she's got the skills to do it." When Universal Studios comes looking at us here, I want to be the one that stands out in there head. If that requires me to make them coffee to suck up, I'll be out grinding the beans by hand (while reading over my textbooks of course). There are very few things I won't do to get this. Why does it matter so much? Because I'm in a movie making major, what do you do with that other than make movies? We all know that business is competitive, so I'm going to compete.

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