Sunday, September 26, 2010

C - Children

I was going to name specific children for this one (Chan, Cam, and Charlie) but then I realized that there are a few more that I would be leaving out.

Each kid in my life is so different from each other. One might love to dress up (Bean) while one enjoys building train sets (Brax). It's fun to watch them learn things, and understand more. It always catches me off guard when they say something new or show me something they learned.

Bean always surprises me every day with something new. Today, for example, he kicked Chan out of my bedroom by saying "Hey! Big Bro get out of my house! Out! Out! Out! Now!" It was so clear and so funny. He got that from Mak playing house so much.

Brax loves to share what he learned at school. The other day he gave me a lesson because I forgot all my kindergarten knowledge apparently. He taught me that no matter what, I must circle the A's. No other letter, Just the A's.

Chan, Charlie, and Cam are all the same age, but so very very different. Chan is really into scouting, and has always been the observant child. Cam has always been the outspoken child. She loves to show off and perform. (Even though I haven't seen Cam in years, I know she hasn't changed.) I haven't known Charlie for too long, but he's a quiet, silly kid. He's always crackin' jokes he's heard on TV (again, and again, and again). All three kids are really sweet and sensitive in their own ways. And I love all three of them.

Mak. Boy oh boy, what isn't to love? She's the cutest little girl. Her tagline? "I'll have it!" Her favorite joke? "Morgan, you're short!" She loves to dress up and do her hair. She also loves to do my hair. When she was first born, when I was seven, she immediately became my little friend. If I could I would go back to being her age just to hang out with her (without going crazy).

Tylar is Mak's age, but she's so different. She's so much quieter, and just so different. I know she likes a lot of the same things, but she's just different. I can't wait to get to know her better! And trust me, I will!

Rick...haha, Rick. he is so not a kid anymore, but he's still my younger brother, so I'll consider him a kid until he turns 18 (in three years). He is such a punk, I love it. Like Ty, I can't wait to get to know him better!

I love all the kids in my life. And I always will.

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