Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Copy Room

Many magical things happen in the copy center (and by magical, I don't mean dirty).

Gaining a new appreciation for the retarded copy machine was the first magical thing that happened. I stood there, waiting for eighty two copies of three papers to come through. They needed to be double sided and stapled. I stood there thinking "boy this takes a long time" for five minutes. Then I realized, no wait, this doesn't take a long time. Making copies like that could take a lot longer. Imagine having to make that many copies using just the printer? Or handwriting them? Or even a typewriter would take a long time. Sending the pages through a copy machine did not take a long time. Now I love the stupid copy machine (but I will probably still continue to hate it just because sometimes it doesn't work right).

The second magical thing that happened was my photo teacher, Reese, told me that I am way too advanced for the class I'm in. He told me that I already know it all, so I should test out of it and move up to the next class. It's true though, I already know everything he's teaching me, so it gets boring. But the fact that he said it was amazing! He also said that Ms. Tuttle told him I was a great photographer, which means I stood out in her mind as well! How awesome is that?!

Yes, the copy center is a magical place, full of broken, but efficient copy machines, and teachers who think I'm awesome.

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