Tuesday, September 28, 2010

G - Grandma

Of course G is for Grandma. Who else would it be for?

My grandma is the most amazing lady out there. I know everyone says that about their grandma, and every one is right. Their grandma is the most amazing lady out there in their life. I think it's because we are a part of our grandma, and she manages to bring out the best in us in a way that is unique for us. The world would go nowhere without grandmas.

My grandma in particular is awesome, though. She does so much for so many people. She has at least nine people to take care of at home, and another 7,000 at work. Rarely ever does she give little or nothing when helping someone. When helping someone, she gives them her full help and attention. She helps them to the best of her abilities whether they be 45 and still living at home, or 2 and learning to brush his teeth. Grandma knows how to help many different people of all sorts.

She also has a great love for knowledge. If there is something to be learned, she wants to learn it. She reads things on everything from mummies in Egypt to bunnies in Canada, from new scanners created for hippo ultrasounds to new foods that will make everyone happy. I love how she loves to learn. I love to learn with her. I love to hear her talk about some new recipe or the new technology. It's so much fun to have someone in my life who is so interested in everything.

My parents haven't done a whole lot in my life, but the best thing they've ever done was leave me with my grandma as a kid. That has shaped my whole life and the way I view things in this world. I love my parents, and I know they love me because they let me live a normal life with my grandma. =) I love you grandma!

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