Thursday, September 9, 2010

Goal setting

Big goal: Internship with a major studio or director/producer/screenwriter
Goal I just came up with at work: Enter LDS Film festival

So at first I thought I wanted to work with Universal, or some studio like that, but now I'm thinking I want to work with some Mormon studio. I've always wanted to make Mormon or Christian movies, so I was thinking that maybe interning with Hollywood wouldn't work. Everyone knows Hollywood might as well be Hell for as much crap as they put in their films. So working in Hell might not help in making movies that inspire people to work towards Heaven. See where I got that?

On the other hand, big name studios usually produce big award movies, and that's what I'm aiming for. Not necessarily the awards, but that quality of film. I want people to watch it and go "did that really happen?" I want people to be in awe at the story and the world of the film. I don't want people to go "hahah, so true! We're ridiculous!" Like they do for Singles Ward.

So what do I do here? I wish there was some movie maker that was Mormon, or at least Christian, that was amazing. Then I would work my tail off to get in with him. But unfortunately I don't know anyone like that. So I...wait, who made the Joseph Smith movie? And those films they show on Temple Square. Who is he, and where can I find him?

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