Thursday, September 30, 2010

H- Heavenly Father

It's cheesy, I know. But this is the most important post yet. Why? Because without Him, none of the other posts would exist. I know for a fact that I am a daughter of God, and that each of these people that have come and gone in my life were put there on purpose. It wasn't some accident that I met Andrew when I did, it wasn't coincidence that I met Ben. The children in my life are in my life because they can teach me a lot. Everything happened with Danny to push me towards the path I'm on now. I was given to Grandma because she had so much to teach me. Each and every person has something to offer to someone else. Heavenly Father didn't just toss us out there like dice in Vegas. We got to meet people for specific reasons.

It might sound like God controls us. "Alrighty, Morg, time to meet Drew. You will learn patience from him!" But He doesn't. He gives us choices. I believe that each person we meet gives us a new opportunity. We can either choose to listen and learn from them, or we can ignore it. Either way, we set on a new path, a new journey. God gives us the tools to move forward whichever direction we may choose. This is truly the greatest thing our Father in Heaven could do for us. Oh sure, He could force us to learn something from someone, but then we wouldn't really be growing.

Emily N, and I chose to learn the lessons we did, and because of that we were able to help each other on the paths we wanted. Heavenly Father gave us the choices to make, and we made them, ourselves. From each of the people in my Alphabetical list (and many others) I've learned some important lessons, but all the lessons boil down to one fact: it was because of Heavenly Father that I met that person.

It makes it a lot easier to be around disagreeable people when I think about what I could possibly learn from them. I can be a little bit more patient or a little more understanding. Heavenly Father gave me the chance to meet all these people in the hopes that I would learn something from each of them. I hope that I was placed specifically in each persons life, as well, to teach them something.

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