Thursday, September 23, 2010

Looking Up

Today is looking up. I did a lot of studying, which usually makes me feel better, because it puts me ahead. I read a few screenplays, which are getting easier for me to follow. Reading them is nothing compared to seeing the movies, but I really enjoy doing that. I like seeing these things on paper, and then seeing them on the big screen (or maybe not, as most of the ones I've read are rated R). Oh, that's another thing, movies that are rater R don't have rated R screenplays. They don't go into detail about things. So if there's a really bad scene (say murder or sex) it just says "Duncan was covered in someone else's blood." That is pretty nasty, but I have the choice to picture it or not, and I choose not to. Screenplays still swear, but I've gotten pretty good at editing as I read.

It wasn't just studying that's helped me calm down. Nathan stopped in, and that really makes me smile. I love when he drops by to say hi while I'm at work. We can't do much talking, but it's still nice to see him.

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