Thursday, September 30, 2010

M - Michael

Dear world,

Today I'm writing about Michael S. Primrose. I'm writing because the letter is M, and because Michael is a big chunk of what I remember from Junior High.

I remember meeting him, in the summer. We both played viola (and this would be the last viola player I'll probably write about, I promise). I remember we went to school together in first grade. I remember we became friends pretty quickly. I also remember that with Koa's help, Michael was able to manipulate me into hanging out at his house. And that event changed my life entirely. It put me where I am today, at this desk, writing this post. I am not exaggerating.

One day I went to Michael's. Why? Because if I didn't he would tell people I liked Jack. Being a kid, that sounded horrible. So I went to Michael's. (I think deep down I just wanted to hang out.) At Mike's I met a lot of new people, those people became my friends fast and furiously. Those friends influenced my life in such a way that I can't explain. In this group of friends was Jessica, Emily, Danny, Justin (which led to me meeting Andrew), and Zak. Talk about a party, right? No matter how much I denied enjoying that experience, I loved it. I loved every second of it. "Now we'll take the chocolate cookie." "Uh...dude, that's a hamburger patty." I still laugh when I think about that.

After ninth grade, things got so weird. I don't even know what happened. At first all those confused events, well, confused me, and hurt me. Now that I look back on them, they don't. They've made me stronger, and gave me the desire to do what I'm doing now. The biggest and most important step I took was talking to Mike about it. What I said, I don't know. What he said, I don't know times ten! But Whatever it was, it was perfect. It's made me grow up a lot, and accept the world around me.

Mike taught me that the only way out, isn't down. There's also an up. Up and Out (like a glass elevator). Rising above instead of hiding below. That's what Mike taught me. He taught me these things by just being him and doing what he does best: learn. (Actually showing off is what he does best, learning is second.)

Thank you Mike, for everything. I hope your life goes well. I'll see you around sometime. When that time comes I'll probably hug you and thank you for being who you are. Good luck, buddy!

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