Sunday, September 19, 2010

My name is Morgan

And I'm a shopaholic.

Like most addictions, it came on without me knowing. I bought a shirt here, a pair of pants there. Then gradually it started to control my life. I got a job, just for the money. I got my first paycheck and I wanted to spend it. I'm having a hard time not spending it. I'm saving up for a car, but it's becoming really hard to do that. I spent thirty bucks on two books (in my defense they will help me progress in my career). I just ordered a thirty dollar shirt! Something is really not okay with this situation.

It's hard to say no when the store is full of such adorable outfits. I mean, this isn't a problem when I go into stores like Forever 21, etc. (You know, those stores that have near naked mannequins that look like oversized barbies.) It's only a problem when I go into a certain store. It's like my drug of choice. I see all the pretty shirts (which I really do need), and all the jackets with ten pockets each (I'm a sucker for pockets), and the corduroy pants. It drives me crazy! I just want it all. And I can afford it all...if I don't want a car.

It's kinda hard to keep this goal of a car in mind. I ride the bus, and that's just fine with me, but winter is coming... and I'll want a car next summer. Just right now I want clothes! Ugh! this is just so hard.

Thank you.

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