Thursday, September 30, 2010

N - Nathan

If you plan on reading this, you should probably sit back and get comfy, it could be a crazy long post. Jk. I'll keep it short.

Nathan is the most wonderful boyfriend ever. We've had our rough spots, but who doesn't? We've always worked through them, and we're getting a lot better at that actually. I've learned a lot from Nathan. The biggest thing I learned was Love is not perfect. No matter how much we try to think it is, it isn't. Problems come up, and fights happen, but love, if it's for real, won't end over the small things.

Nathan taught me that love is patient. Like all those times I walked away from him because I was mad. He waited patiently for me to calm down. In return, I wait patiently whenever he gets stressed out and needs space. Sometimes problems take longer to work through and need help from other sources. We work patiently through those, together.

Nathan taught me that love is kind. He is the kindest boy I've ever met. Not just to me, but to everyone around me. Nathan does get frustrated with people, but he rarely shows it. He keeps it inside and tries to be polite to people. Nathan is beyond polite to me, and I love it. Even when I'm mad or I say something stupid, he still loves me and still treats me really well.

Nathan has been my best friend for the past few years, and I plan on those few years extending into...I dunno...forever. I love being around him, and I love talking to him, about anything. I just really love this boy. =)

P.S. I never ever do things like announce to the world that I love don't anyone take this and like...spread it around.

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