Thursday, September 30, 2010

P - Peter

I was almost worried that I didn't have a friend whose name started with P...I would have had to make something up...after that oreo incident on the last post... =S

Peter, though, is one of those people that I feel more about rather than think about. In fact, Peter rarely crosses my mind, but often times, I'll see something and I'll remember feeling something about Peter. Oh gosh, now it sounds like I'm feeling icky romantic feelings for Pete...

Peter is a great kid. He really is. He makes me smile and always has some silly story or joke up his sleeve. He has a way of making every person he talks to feel special. Even if he's just saying hi to them. When Peter gives you attention, it seems like you're all he's thinking about. It's kind of intense really.

That intensity, though, will come in handy on his mission. I know, I was amazed too! Peter survived up to his mission?! How is that possible?! It's possible. =) And now he's going to go out to Japan and teach the gospel. That intense feeling he gives off when paying attention to someone will really be useful. The people he's teaching will feel like they're part of something, and that they matter. (unless of course Japanese people are different and might feel threatened by that... in which case, Pete, you're screwed.)

Peter going on a mission is amazing though, to be serious here. It really is. I'm really proud of him for making and sticking to such a decision. I can't imagine it'll be easy to leave his family and friends, but he's doing it anyway.

I'm really glad I know this kid. He's a great example of all sorts of things. He's a great friend to a lot of people, and that means a lot to me. Thank you, Peter for being as awesome as you are, and for doing what you feel is right, all the time. Thanks for being my friend, and good luck out there in the field!

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