Wednesday, October 27, 2010


(All great blog posts start with the word "So."

So I was being a stalker and looked up my current scene partner and his wife on facebook to add them as my friends. I really enjoy being with them. I'm pretty sure if we were the same age we would have been friends, or I would have wanted to be friends. Anyhow, back to my stalker story. I looked up Marie and found she had a blog. So I went to said blog and the last time she wrote was when she was 18, right before she met Chris (her husband now). I was reading through the posts, and they're so...funny. They're classic 18 year-old girl. "I went sledding with Marilyn, and then we decided that winter is definitely the season for cuddling, drinking butterfinger cocoa and taking walks in the park." Yea, totally different than how she is now. Not too different, but way more immature than now.

Then I read Chris's blog. Turns out he's a democrat. haha, joy. Naw, he's a good guy. But his blog is all serious. "I realize I haven't put many of my life stories in my posts. I do that for the readers. With that said, I might put some personal experiences in future posts." That was so...awkward. I felt like I was sitting in on some major religious meeting in some cathedral. Totally out of place.

Then I wondered about my blog, and I don't post about how much I love to cuddle with Nathan, because that's extremely awkward for some people (like me). I don't post my political views because they wouldn't be very entertaining (they'd be one line long: "I'm right, you're wrong. Deal with it."). I hope my posts aren't too...dry. If you feel like you need to nap or take a drink after reading my blog, I'm really sorry. I also don't want my blog to be ridiculous in case one day I use this blog when I become a famous movie maker. I don't want people to go back into my blog archives and be like "look! When Morgan was 18 she thought making mugs was the most incredible thing ever! what a loser!" I want people to read it and be like "So this is the real Morgan. The Morgan that no one really gets to see because she's too busy being busy. Interesting." Not that I want to be analyzed, don't do that...please.

Sometimes I do want to post things like "If I could, I would totally hack someone's facebook, and put weird statuses up." But I don't have the guts to say names. Besides, I don't want to offend some people. Sometimes I want to write things like "Today, I wish I had a taco." But that's just ridiculous...actually Tacos sound good right now. But who can make a whole post about Tacos? Sometimes I want to post "I wish I could quit my job and become a movie maker." But I know that's totally unrealistic because I need this job to get through school so I can become a Movie Maker.

*Sigh* I totally forgot what I was posting about. I got all distracted by snow... huh, well anyway. I'm tired. I should go...back to work.

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