Monday, October 4, 2010

R - Robyn

It's been forever since my last letter, but don't worry, I haven't forgotten.

R is for Robyn. R is for the bestest friend anyone could have. R is for all the smiles she's spread around and for all the laughs over the years. =)

I remember when Robyn first moved into the neighborhood. We were so mean to her, and I feel terrible because she's a great girl. I don't know why we were mean, and it doesn't matter, because we shouldn't have been.

Robyn and I haven't hung out a ton over the years, but the times we have have always been super fun. One time we had a late night, and we were so hyper that we couldn't stop laughing over popcorn. That was one of the most fun late nights ever! The random times we hang out are always just as fun. I love listening to her talk about school and how college is going for her. She's really entertaining to listen to (in a good way).

Most people can't get past Robyn's extreme personality. She isn't a passive person, but she isn't aggressive either. She's just got a really dominating personality. A lot of people get hung up on that, and it makes it hard for her to feel welcome or like she fits in. She tends to feel like it's her fault and that if she could change everything would be better. But really, that wouldn't solve anything. Those people who think they're too good or too cool to take the time to give her a chance are really just missing out. Robyn isn't missing out on anything with those people. The people who take the time are the ones who really care. No one should have to change to fit in, and that includes Robyn. It sounds like she's making a lot of friends in school now, and that's so awesome. I'm so excited for her.

Robyn has really helped me shape myself. In finance lit I got to know her even better, and getting to see how she lets herself shine in a group of people really helped me to just be me. Of course I'm much quieter and more laid back than she is, she still helped me to see that me isn't so bad. Thanks Robyn for being such a great girl! I love you to pieces!

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