Monday, October 4, 2010

S - Sam

S is for Sam Thompson.

One day Sam decided to sit by me in the hallway, waiting for class, and now he says I'm doomed to be his friend forever. =)

Sam is a somewhat recent RM and he's kind of a slacker. He never ever takes notes in class, probably because he's too busy sleeping, but he still gives me someone to talk to in there. Everyone knows going to class is a lot easier when you have friends in the class. It doesn't matter if my friend slacks off all the time, he's still my friend.

And he doesn't slack off in all his classes. Sam only slacks off in our film class. (I don't blame him. Any three hour class where you just watch movies is easy to sleep through.) He takes his digital class very seriously, sometimes to the point that makes me laugh. I love how into it he gets. He's definitely an interesting person. I hope he doesn't fail, otherwise who will I hire as my chief editor later in life?

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