Monday, October 4, 2010

T - Tuttle

T is for Ms. Tuttle. Is it weird that I'm blogging about a teacher?

The number one reason I'm doing so well in my classes this semester is because of Ms. Tuttle. She was such a great teacher. I learned everything from her! I learned about photography and photoshop, two of the things I'm learning in my classes now. I learned about experimenting and just branching out. I mean, it'd be silly to try to create pictures that everyone else has already created. She taught us about so many different photographers throughout history that it's hard to not find a style. Everyone has a certain style they enjoy to photograph, and she helped me find mine.

From her I learned the history of photography, which really helps in my photo class now. My teacher even says I'm too advanced for his class. I know all about F-stops and shutter speeds, so now I can work on memorizing them. I know about file formats, which makes it easy to follow directions. I know about the various rules and ideas behind a good photo. I know all those basics about film, and ISOs and noise/grain, and exposure. Because I know all these things I can really pay attention to those moments where my teacher goes off on a tangent about ideas for great photos. I don't get all caught up on silly trivial basics.

If I get any good grades this semester, I owe them to Ms. Tuttle.

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