Monday, October 4, 2010


I could not think of anyone for U, so I did a whole bunch of people.

UVU is one of the fastest growing schools in the nation. And right now it's ranked top in the nation for cinema productions (I do believe they just beat Florida in the most recent competition.) So many people have put so much into this institution. From the time it opened in 1941, to today, and onward, a lot of people have dedicated their lives to making this a better place for student success. By success I don't mean the Alpine School District idea of that (getting everyone to graduate), I mean real success. The kind of success that people anywhere can see at any time. The kind of success that allows people to make good money to support their families, or pursue the career of their choice free of dependency on income or abilities. Decades of men and women have put their blood, sweat, and tears into this place, and now I get to benefit from it. I don't know 99.99999% of those people, but I do know that they were true heroes in giving people a place to learn and grow, safely. Thanks!

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