Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Y - Yvonne Victoria Parks

In other words, Y is for Rachel.That name sparked out of some chainmail letter thing back in ninth grade. It's her middle name followed by our neighborhood name.

Rachel and I have been friends for many many many moons. We always used to do everything together.'s kinda lonely without her, but sometimes I feel more lonely when I'm with her. It doesn't bother me at all when she hangs out with Peter and his family, but when she's all hanging out with Brandy it still kind of bothers me. I don't think she should change what she's doing if she's happy. I think it's great that her and Brandy have each other for college. But when I run into them in the hallway it isn't so good. Rachel always seems happy to see me, but Brandy always seems like she's upset that I'm taking up her time or something. It makes me feel all left out. I have my own friends. And she has hers. I just don't feel welcome when I'm with her and Brandy.

Rachel is a good girl though, and she's becoming a lot less shy, which is good. =) She's also a great singer, and made it into a choir at UVU. She's also a very good writer. She can never finish her stories, but she has a ton of great beginnings! Love ya Rachel. You'll make a great teacher someday!

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