Friday, October 29, 2010


Denis Lisonbee walked into my film class one day. He told us about a special class that will ONLY be taught next semester. What was so special about this class? It's a project management, which is required for my major. But this section is specific to movies. Who is teaching it? The creator of "Touched by an Angel." So what makes this class so special? Denis explained that most people in this class will land a job or internship with ease right after. This class takes the students one step higher than anyone taking normal project management. Needless to say, when Denis passed around the sign up sheet I wrote my name in huge letters with a black pen. There is no way in heck I'm letting this pass me by. I'm in the class, one of thirty out of 7000.

Then I signed up for a cinematography class. Only 12 people get in. I was fourth on the waiting list. They opened up three more spots, which put me at first on the waiting list, assuming the other three didn't accept the chance to register. They were each given twenty four hours to register after they received an email about it. One of them didn't accept it. That chance went to me. Again, needless to say, I signed up without thinking twice.

Next semester is in the bag! As far as classes go anyway... Now  I need to get through the rest of this semester, then I'll be on my way to a real career job. I hope anyway. I'm gonna study like none other, so if anyone has any movie suggestions of good movies, LET ME KNOW! Any kind! In any language! I just need to watch as many films as I can so I can make intelligent comments. I'll watch them between episodes of "Touched by an Angel" (I don't want my professor to think I'm an idiot.)

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