Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Z - Zebra Tamer

Just kidding. =) Z- is for everyone I know named Zac/Zack/Zach/Zak.

All the Zach's I know are really odd in one way or another. I don't think I've met a single Zac who wasn't really different. They all can be funny at times, or annoying. I guess like any other person I know. I just know a lot of Zacks.

Zac, Nathan's brother, is kinda...really weird. He has some pretty weird friends too. But he's a freakin amazing musician. He's got perfect pitch, which allows him to really play just about anything. And he's got a lot of drive.

Zach is my birthday bud. I met him in eighth/ninth grade at clear creek and we've been friends ever since. He's a really interesting boy, but he's not too bad. =)

Zak is that boy down at snow college that I call Zake usually. We used to be friends...then he kind of went all weird. He's got this bizarre mental problem where he thinks he has to be exactly like the girl he has a crush on. He's joined the church, taken french horn, joined marching band, loved the color yellow, thought writing was awesome, and went from one political view to another all over a bunch of silly girls.

Zack is a boy who was in my orchestra class forever ago. I just thought I'd throw him in here too.

Oh and there's Zach Keith. He's pretty awesome. I don't know him really well, and haven't seen him in ages, but he's funny. In band he and Nathan usually talked the whole time and slacked off in the back. =) I loved it.

And this ends the alphabet. The usual blogging will begin again shortly. =) Thank you

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