Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Black Roses

So I was going through my documents to organize them. I have WAY too many from so long ago. Or I did. Haha, I deleted most of them. I had book reports from 10th grade!

Anyway, I came across this story I wrote. I wrote it in junior high, around eighth or ninth grade. It's six pages, single spaced. That right there made me think "Wow, I had no life." Then I read it, and within the first paragraph I started five sentences with words that end in "-ly." "Slowly" "Instantly" "Readily" "Lazily" I had an "-ly" complex. So I fixed those. Then I actually read it, and it wasn't too bad. I'm sure if I read it out loud I could find more things to fix, but I'm at work, so I'll look stupid reading to myself. The story though, is really dark. I mean it is a story about suicide, but it's so graphic! I don't know where I pulled that out of. I remember where I got the inspiration for the story: based on a true story of a boy. But I threw in some of my own details, obviously.

On Monday we watched "Fight Club" in film. That was incredibly dark. Then I read this story and I thought "Holy Cow! I'm as dark as those filmmakers!" Seriously! Here's a tidbit of the story to prove my point:

"I ran home faster than the day before. My feet knew the way. That night I didn’t e-mail anyone, I didn’t do my homework. I cried. Once my tears ran dry, I pulled out my pocketknife. It was shiny and clean. I rolled up a sleeve.
    “This is for you Kennedy!” I screamed silently.
    One slit.
    “This is for you Nick!”
    Two slits.
    “This is for you Jennifer!”
    Three slits.
    “You want me to suffer?”
    Four slits.
    “I’ll suffer!”
    Five slits, six slits, seven slits.
    I watched as my shiny knife turned crimson with blood. Each drop of blood for each ounce of pain. A sick feeling ached within me. My arm oozed scarlet drops of my own blood."

HOW DID I COME UP WITH THAT! THAT'S DISGUSTING!! (no offense if you do cut know it's a gross habit.)

I think I need some sort of psychotherapy before I really make some screwed up films.

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