Wednesday, December 29, 2010

College "kids"

I honestly don't know what to post right this second. I want to post something about immature people, because those people just bother me, but that seems extremely immature, therefore hypocritical. I should post about Christmas, but I loved it so much and it doesn't seem like blog material today. hmmm.

Ya know what? I'm kinda confused. I don't understand how people can get so incredibly stressed about college. I mean we've all been going to school for 13 years, right? And for the last six of those we had 8 classes we had to juggle. Some of us got jobs in high school, so 8 classes, plus a job. And most of us were still able to have a social life. Then we graduate and suddenly half the class has forgotten how to go to school or something? I mean seriously, we each have four classes (give or take), how hard is that? Most of us are in generals, which are crazy easy to begin with. Yes, I know not everyone is good at every subject, but generals really aren't much harder than high school. So four classes instead of 8. Already that sounds cakey. Then there's the ability to set your classes when you want them. Why not set them all after noon? It's like people don't think this through. 4 classes, not at 7 am. It's getting cakier by the second here.

Four classes, when you want them. HOW HARD IS THAT?! Yet, a lot of kids don't survive the first semester, or they survive by the seat of their britches. It seems like everyone's facebook statuses were something like "slept through classes again, partying tonight!" WTF!? I understand if you miss a class on occasion, that happens to even the best student. But missing it "again" and then partying! What's up with that? Just because your mom isn't standing next to you, and telling you to get to class, doesn't mean you can't step up and regulate your own life.

All throughout high school, kids want to be taken seriously; they want to be treated like adults. They're given chances to prove themselves, and sometimes they fall through. But that's totally different that going to college. In high school, there was an adult to help you pick up the pieces that you lost. It's a whole new ball game in college. Just going to college says "I'm ready to be an adult. I'm ready to be taken seriously." But it's impossible to take someone seriously when they can't be an adult. If you're 18-19, and in college, I think you probably ought to be able to make wise decisions. Decisions that prove to people your adulthood. There are some people who really step it up, and those people deserve the jobs and good grades. But there are people who party all night, every night, and then wonder why college didn't go so great. I honestly cannot stand the second group of people. If you can't be an adult, then you should probably go back home, and grow up.

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