Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Girls and my Car

I feel really immature, but something is bothering me. People. Yup. People are bothering me. I don't even know where to begin on this.

Let's call her Girl M. Now Girl M was once friends with Boy H. Boy H and Girl M were friends and hung out here and there. Then Boy H did some pretty ridiculous things. He thought he could get away with terrible stunts... Boy H hurt Girl G, again, and again, and again. Girl M and Girl G were friends... but now Girl M believes it's alright to be friends with Boy H no matter what he's done. Now, I know there is this thing called forgiveness, but that does not mean you need to become best friends with the person who hurt your friend ("hurt" means "practically ruined their life"). Girl M was friends with Girl G, but now that Boy H is playing the pity card, Girl M would much rather be his friend.

If that fits your situation, then leave me alone. I'll still chill talk to you, but I don't wanna be invited to anything, and I don't want you to call me your friend. I don't know if Girl M realizes this, but Girl G deserves a lot better treatment, and Boy H needs to realize that life isn't about him. He screwed up, he should definitely find new friends.

And another car. My battery AND alternator died... great right? So I bought a new battery that could get my car at least to the mechanic. Betsy went to the mechanic and the mechanic decided to do $400 worth of work on her, without asking me. If he had asked me I would  have said "Hold off on it until I can ask for estimates from other mechanics because I cannot afford a repair like that." So I am not paying that mechanic for a repair I did not okay. That's my legal right. I never said he could do that, therefore he cannot charge me.

On top of it, everyone is trying to pay for my car for me. I know I should be grateful, and accept the money nicely, but I don't want to. I want this to be my car. My money going into my car. Yes, it'll drain my entire bank account once I pay for it all plus insurance, but it is MY car. MY money should go into MY car. That's sweet of people to try to help...but I wanna do it. How am I supposed to grow up if no one is letting me struggle a bit? I'll never learn to pay my own bills if everyone is doing it for me. If I do end up accepting their money, I'll be in debt to them. I already have a loan. I don't need anymore debt. Once I pay my loan off, I'll be fine again. I honestly don't need anyone to help me right now. I'm alright.

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