Thursday, December 16, 2010

Life Lessons

"Don't take a vitamin on an empty stomach" is one of those things parents really ought to tell their children. Especially before they get to college. I have never once heard that while I was growing up. So you know what I did today? I took a vitamin, on an empty stomach.

I thought "hey, today I'll be good and take a vitamin." Turns out I should have thought "Hey, I'll eat some breakfast then take a vitamin." I swallowed the world's largest vitamin before heading to work. I got less than three blocks south before I decided I needed to puke. I got out of the car and stood on the sidewalk, hoping the cold air would help my stomach calm down. Yea, it didn't... I felt it coming, but I couldn't stop it. I threw up in the gutter. I threw up and as I did, I realize I was sort of facing the oncoming wind... luckily I stepped back just in time.

Then I had this brilliant idea! If I eat, my stomach won't hurt so much anymore. I went to McDonald's. I don't like most of McDonald's food, but I do like their cinnamelts. So I got some of those, ate part of them, then sat there wondering why my stomach still felt like crap. Then it hit me... CINNAMON! Yup, in my rush to get food in my stomach I forgot to consider the fact that eating something that normally makes me sick probably isn't going to make me feel not sick. I hate most of them (because they're just so darn good), and now I'm sitting here thinking "I really wish someone had told me to not take vitamins on an empty stomach BEFORE I found it out the hard way..."

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