Saturday, January 22, 2011

concept not grasped

WHY IS EVERYONE OBSESSED WITH RELATIONSHIPS!? "Oh, I want a boyfriend so badly" or "Why can't I get a boy like everyone else?" Hint: No boy likes a whiny girl. Boys like girls who are confident. To be confident, one must know oneself. To get to know oneself, one must be single and have a relationship with their God and oneself. There is not one set road to take to find a boy. There are no road signs that say "Single lane closing, keep right, detour through boyfriend land." There isn't a road map to a boy. There are only road maps to ourselves. Only signs that lead us to find who we truly are. Goals like "I will find a boyfriend and be married before next spring" are ridiculously pointless, and you know it.

God is the only one who will give you your eternal mate. God knows when you are ready, and when you are not. God knows when he is ready and when he is not. How do you know if you're ready? Ask Him. Ask for help to grow stronger and become a better person. Ask for help to get to know yourself like He knows you. Once you do that, Mr. Right might just appear in your life. Maybe he's already there, and God is showing you that you just are not ready.

Now suppose you don't want to ask God for help. Well that's sad. That's when things don't work out. Trust me. When you go ahead of God's plan, your plans fall through. Marriages are a three way pact between a man, a woman and God. Therefore, one must include God in their pre-marriage relationships. It doesn't work any other way.

Sometimes a man and a woman get married under God, but it still fails. Most times that is because one or both of the spouses has decided to take life into their own hands. It never works.

The point is, stop worrying about finding someone to love you. Start loving yourself. Stop trying to get other people to see you. Start seeing yourself as God does, only then will Mr. Right see you and love you.

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