Monday, January 24, 2011

The present is the key to the past

That's the theory of uniformitarianism, from science, if anyone was wondering. But the theory isn't what I want to blog about.

For some reason I keep looking at the past. I don't want it to come back, oh heavens, that would be terrible. I just keep thinking about the events of the past. I don't know why. Maybe there is a piece missing (well there are a lot of pieces missing due to so many concussions) or maybe I'm just amazed at how well the pieces all fit together.

They say (whoever they is) that hindsight is always 20-20. It's true. I can see how all those art projects in fifth grade with Ms. Kitchen was actually useful. We use those a lot in my photography classes. I can see how running our own tiny business in third grade with Mrs. Booth helped me to work in groups better. I can see how little things in each of my English classes helped me to be a better film maker. I can see how each time Mr. Logan shot me down, or every time Summers and Davis told me I could work harder has pushed me to be the kind of creator I want to be. I can see how little activities my friends and I did together sewed little stitches of ideas into my brain. I can see how the lessons that started "You won't understand this until you're older" were actually useful...because now I'm older and I understand them.

Each person who has crossed my path and walked along side me has left a small mark. Each mark, alone, doesn't make much sense. Why would I care that this artist painted people by first drawing little ovals? I mean, HOW IS THAT USEFUL? It turns out Ms. Kitchen was on to something when she made us draw and write essays about those artists. Now when I'm envisioning a photograph that I want to take, I compose as that artist did. I don't remember his name, I just remember the terrible drawing I did of a ballerina. How was I supposed to know that Mr. Salmon's quirky sense of humor was going to help me win some friends in college? Who knew? Who would have ever imagined those tedious Latin worksheets Mrs. Woolstenhulm made us fill out would come in handy? Most words I learn now are either Latin derived or completely random. The Latin ones stick easy, making it so much easier to remember the random ones.

Looking back, it amazes me that God put every little, seemingly pointless event in my life. He placed them in exactly the right places, knowing I would get out of them something that would stick with me for years. I still remember getting my facts all backwards in first grade and feeling embarrassed. That has never happened since, and so far it's a great skill for college. But that happened over 13 years ago... God didn't just throw a dice and say "huh, here's a six and here's a two...good luck making ten!" He carefully places each opportunity, knowing we would either learn or teach.

My life is a puzzle, and right now, I can't see how me sitting at work dying or boredom is going to help me get a job as a PA... one day, the piece that connects me to my dream will fill in the little hole. I'll look back and say "Duh! Of course!" but for now, I'll just enjoy the ride and thank God for everything else He's done for me.

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