Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ridiculously Long and Boring Post.

1. Your favorite song:
"My Best Friend" by Weezer. I don't listen to it a lot, but I love it.

2.Your favorite movie:
Hmmm. Sherlock Holmes. Iron Man is high up there. So are all of the Harry Potters

3. Your favorite television program:
House. By far! Second would be 16 and pregnant, then teen mom. 

4. Your favorite book:
"I Am Number Four" by: Pittacus Lore. LOVED IT! (But I'll probably hate the movie)

5. Your Favorite Quote:
"You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose." That one always makes me smile. But I like "Whatever you are, be a good one" by Abraham Lincoln too.

6. 30 of your top favorite things:
30?! Prepare yourself for this...
  1. Sleep
  2. Nathan
  3. Films
  4. Photography
  5. Books
  6. Bookstores
  7. Photo magazines
  8. People watching
  9. My family
  10. My friends
  11. Vacations
  12. Fruit
  13. Lemon Pepper
  14. The color red
  15. Boating
  16. Art
  17. Museums
  18. Blankets
  19. Dove Chocolate (yes, I eat it even though it makes me sick)
  20. The zoo
  21. The name William
  22. Comfy pants (such as sweats)
  23. Comfy shoes
  24. Shopping
  25. PCs
  26. Harry Potter
  27. Sunsets
  28. Full Moons
  29. 70 degree weather
  30. Lists that are shorter than 30 things...
7. Pictures that makes you happy:
This took me a lot of tries to get right. When I finally got it, it came out perfect...except it's black and white.

This is the Boston Skyline from a DUCK. That was my most favorite vacation.

Nathan snapped this one. It's the Paul Revere church reflected in the office building next door.

Sacred Grove. If it hadn't been so darn cold it would have been WAY awesome, but instead it was just awesome. =)

This is the Chicago Skyline from the freeway. It wasn't too windy.

This is fog up in the Black Hills. The trees smell like butterscotch.

Nathan snapped this one too. It's me water skiing

8. A Photo that makes you sad:
From the Clothesline Project

9. A photo you took:
Saddest sight. Greatest Picture

10. A photo that makes you laugh:
I'm sure Eric will appreciate me putting this up. =) This is him dramatically peeling an onion so I could teach Patti to use the camera at Lake Powell. Best. Trip. Ever.

11. A photo that was taken over ten years ago:
Third Birthday.

12. A recent picture:
Sledding. 2010

13. Something you are OCD about: 
Pages in my notebooks. They should never be ripped out, and only one side of each page should have writing.

14 Your favorite outfit:
I have a lot of favorite outfits. But today I'm thinking that sweat pants and a hoodie is my favorite

16. Where do you go to school:
Utah Valley University

17. What are you majoring in:
Cinema Production

18 Your dream house:
A nice country style house. White with a wrap around porch and a railing. =)

20. Favorite picture/painting/art piece:
There are a lot, because I look at them all the time. But if I had to tell you one, I'd say the Timp Temple HDR by Bro. Boyd.

21. An unknown talent of yours:
I'm actually really good at feeding my frogs. I know you wouldn't have guessed it, but it's true.

23. A hobby of yours:

24. A favorite treat your mom makes:
             Well my MOM doesn't make treats (thankfully...) but I love my Grandma's Cinnamon Rolls.
25. Your day in great detail:
This should be easy, as it's only eight. 
My alarm went off, and I turned it off. Then I knocked my lotion off the nightstand and debated picking it up. Then I rolled over and went back to sleep, I tried to think of an outfit, but that failed. Then my alarm went off again at six. I hit snooze and waited for Nathan to text. I fell asleep again. Then my alarm went off five minutes later and I hit snooze. Then five minutes later I decided I ought to get up. So I did... Then I went and showered. I got dressed and did my hair. I debated chopping my bangs off, but I remembered that every time I do that I get upset, so I didn't. Then I ate some cereal. Then I came to school. I tested my email. Now I'm blogging. and In about five minutes I'll be in class.

26. Your worst habit:
Hmmm... Procrastinating

27. Biggest fear:
Earthquakes. and Losing everyone I love.

28. Whats in your purse?
Right now? Nothing. Because it's all in my backpack. But normally I have my multitool, my flashlight, my ipod, my wallet, my sunglasses, pain killers, lotion, and a pen.
29. Hopes, dreams, and plans for the new year: 
I'm hoping I get a PA job, or any job on set. I also hope that I get good grades again... I plan on being almost done with school by the end of this year. 
THE END! =)  

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