Thursday, January 6, 2011

So close I can almost taste it

Once in a while I have dreams where I can fly, or I have telekinesis. I can do pretty much whatever I want whenever I want. It's so exciting. But then I wake up. And the dream is gone. I always get frustrated. Those dreams always feel so real to me, and it makes me mad that my super powers get taken away.

But that's all changing.

Yesterday I had my first ever cinematography class with Bob Trim. (Cinematography is everything from the lights to the ladders in film making.) The class is very hands on, it's also a skill, like automotive work. Anyone can do it, but only some are good at it. So far I can light studios for portraits, so this shouldn't be too much harder, I hope. If I can't, I'll make myself do it. Impressing Bob is my biggest goal at the moment.

You see, Bob is the man in charge of giving students internships on film sets. In class, he told us that there are three of those coming to Utah this summer. Impressing Bob = internship. There is nothing stopping me from doing it either. All the classes that I need to have done for an internship I will have finished by the end of spring semester. Plus one. I'll have finished the movie management class (project management for movie sets. Once in a life time class). There is a book (Breaking and Entering, by April Fittzsimmons) that Bob requires everybody to read before he lets them on set. I read half of it before class yesterday, and fibbed when he asked how many of us have read it. I'll have it finished before next week. I'm going to miss Monday's class because of a wedding (woot!) so I talked to Bob AHEAD of time. He told me he was impressed that I'd do that (and he was impressed that I was being a photographer at said wedding).

See? I'm well on my way to the internship. There's nothing stopping me. I'm so so so so so close. It feels like I'm about to be able to fly, everything is going my way. My superpower dreams are coming true (just in a much more realistic fashion)!

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