Monday, February 28, 2011

Book Cover

Check this out:

Would you rather me blog in this size? 

Or is this easier to read? Unless you have REALLY bad screen resolution or even worse eye-sight, this size is much more enjoyable. The large one, to me, feels too loud. But why is that? What makes it better? I can type the same thing in two different font sizes and the bigger one will feel too mean and rough. Font isn't the only victim to this size issue. 

Take, for example, cars. A hummer is much larger than a sedan. 

That wasn't a great image of that, but trust me on it. When I see a hummer while driving my Mazda, I feel really vulnerable. I feel like the hummer could rear up at any second and swallow my little car, and myself, whole... The driver of the hummer could be the nicest and sweetest old man alive, but it's still intimidating. I can't imagine being comfortable with owning a hummer or knowing someone who loves their hummer dearly.

Shoes have this issue as well. It seems that the smaller the shoe the cuter, and no matter how cute the shoe is, it's just ugly when it gets too big. I'm not saying anyone has ugly shoes, because once on the feet, the shoes look just fine. It's just when they sit alone in the shoe store, without feet inside of them, they don't attract me much. The little baby shoes are where it's at. Big shoes seem obnoxious and crowding. Smaller shoes feel so quaint and sweet. (yes, shoes can feel sweet...)

The biggest victim to the size-up mentality is the individual. For example, I am just over five feet tall. My boyfriend is just over six feet tall.

We are both very very sarcastic people. It takes us a lot of effort to be serious sometimes. It's easy to just throw out a teasing remark, especially if we aren't really in a good mood. That alone is a problem, but it is a different problem for each of us.

When I throw out a mean comment (intentionally or unintentionally), people--especially guys--think I'm flirting. No matter how hard I try, I can't come across as genuinely not interested. Sometimes, a comment will slip out when I don't intend for it to (because I genuinely don't mean it), and people just laugh. So I laugh along and explain that I didn't mean to say it.

Nathan will throw out silly comments, and they really will be funny, but someone always thinks he's being rude. We could say the same thing and people would consider him mean and me flirtatious. Being a broad and tall guy, I guess he's intimidating.

To illustrate this example, let me paint you a scenario. A couple of years ago, someone asked Nathan for a ride home. Jokingly, Nathan said no, but intended to seriously take her home. The girl insisted that Nathan was being rude and she hasn't talked to him since...

Yesterday, at church, someone kept asking me out. I told them that I was only interested in being friends and that I seriously did not want to date them. They thought I was being sooooo funny and just kept asking me. I flat out told them no, and they laughed even more and took my rejection as flirtation...

No matter where we are, or what we're doing, people always think Nathan is being mean and that I'm being cute. I don't want to come off as a cute, flirty girl. Not when I'm working on finding a stable job and landing my first film gig. And Nathan doesn't want to come off mean. He has a great sense of humor, and wants people to like him. It's only because of our sizes, too. People can't take me seriously, no matter what I do to be serious, and people don't see Nathan as the nice guy that he is... It's really kind of tragic when people judge a book by it's cover. Some of the greatest books have the weirdest covers.

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