Saturday, February 12, 2011

"Sam I am"

(Not to confuse you, but I'm really not Sam.)

We all know about Hitler, correct? That psycho German dictator that killed millions of innocent people? The one with the funny mustache? Have the picture in your head? Good. Hitler was after a certain type of people. He wanted the whole world to be comprised of the Aryan race. (Which, oddly enough, was not what he was.) He thought other people were simply worthless pieces of crap that happened to infest this poor planet. (Imagine that said in German.) Basically, everyone reading this blog at this time was not what Hitler prized in a person.

Hitler believed he could make everyone exactly the same. Today, we can see just exactly how ridiculous that is. First off, not all blond-hair, blue-eyed people are Aryan. In fact, India Indians are of that race. Funny, right? Second, not all Aryans are great workers...therefore our planet wouldn't function any better anyway. The basic point is, not everyone can be the same. It's impossible.

Even though it's impossible, society still influences us to all be the same. Now, I'm not saying that society = Hitler. It doesn't, but it does resemble that mentality a little. Exiting a store, you see all sorts of magazines advertising "great looks" and "how to be a good girlfriend!" Television throws images at us (at 24 frames per second) that send us messages such as "we need to look like that to be cool." Movies are just as guilty. Actresses are all tall and beautiful and perfect. We can't go anywhere without feeling like we are not good enough. Everywhere we look we're being told that we aren't what is "desired."

There's been a movement going on, mostly unsuccessfully, that helps women feel better about what they look like. Society, like Hitler, focuses on appearance, not on what's inside (deep inside). Although that is implied. It's important that everyone, including males, are comfortable with what they look like. After all, God knew exactly which two people contained the right DNA to create YOU!.

But appearance means nothing unless we are comfortable with who we are inside. There is no way in this world that we can all think exactly the same, or act the same, or even want the same exact things. Men can't all prefer work over video games, nor can they all be okay with cars that don't cost more than their houses. Women can't all be independent, nor can they all be completely nurturing.

Yes, I believe that we should all be comfortable by ourselves and more independent before we find our soul mate, but some people just cannot do it. I read this blog just barely (because that's what I do) and in it, the girl just broke up with her boyfriend. It was for the better, as much as it may suck. She mentions that she has always been independent but can't seem to not want a relationship. She says she shouldn't depend on a man, and a man shouldn't  depend on her.

I understand how she feels, but at the same time, I can't help but wonder why she said shouldn't. We are all created equal but different. We are all given talents and strengths as well as weaknesses and troubles. This girl may feel the need to be independent, but maybe she can't do it without knowing she has support from a man if she needs it.

For example, I grew up without parents in my life. I didn't depend on them at all. I couldn't count on them, so I didn't depend on them. Growing up, I've tried to only depend on myself. There is no reason for me to need to depend on someone. I mean, what if they don't follow through? I also don't always understand why anyone would depend on me, what if I don't follow through? I depended on a friend one time, and that left me really not so okay. I didn't want to depend on anyone again. But it was pretty clear that I needed some sort of support so that I could feel independent again. That's when Nathan came in. He gives me security and support that makes it so I can do things without worrying. I can go introduce myself to producers and hope they don't hate me. I can go to my classes and work really hard and know that if I fail, he will still hold me up.

Sometimes that's what we need. Some people need support. Some people don't. We are not all the same. We can't even begin to be the same. We can't all not get jealous when our friends pick someone else over ourselves. We can't all smile when it hurts. We can't all be open and share our feelings with other people. We can't all work hard, we can't all play hard, we can't all be tidy, we can't all remain quiet. We each have strengths and weaknesses that form combinations unique to us. There are other combinations that fit with us, thus making each relationship you have special. Advice in magazines cannot help us be us.

There is no reason for anyone to be told they are inadequate. No one can tell us that we don't belong. Our unique combination of talents, strengths and weaknesses make us different from those around us. While someone may try to tell us that we are not snowflakes, we are. And we can sure as heck rain on their parade. ;)

I am Morgan. Who are you?

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