Thursday, February 17, 2011

Silver Lining

Remember Eeyore? The cute donkey from Winnie the Pooh that was always gloomy and sometimes a little rain cloud followed him?

That's how today felt. First off, it's Thursday. I hate Thursday. Five hours of work? Pretty much worthless (except for the money once in a while). Second, my laptop has been down. It's been struggling with memory issues. (Right now, it's working.) Third, my hard drive for the mac lab went missing. Thankfully, I turned my project for Paul's class in, but (and this is a big but) my project management homework was all on there. I went back for it today, and it wasn't there...or in any of the lost and founds... and my teacher didn't pick it up.

I felt sort of hopelessly lost. My computer contains my homework for cinematography and photography and my drive contains my homework for my essentials class and my project management class. That's four out of five classes. Not just any classes either, the four important ones! I was feeling a little...angry and stressed.

Work was miserable, as always, but I managed to rough through it...

I don't really know how to describe all the feelings running through me. I wanted to hunt the kid who has my drive and demand it back, followed by kicking him in the shins. I wanted to quit my job so I could find my drive. I wanted to text myself back in time (yes, that thought really did come into my head) so I could save my school career. I even contemplated joining the circus, but the thought of seeing lions and not being able to make images from them was depressing. My entire life had just slipped out of my hands and I couldn't grab it. There was no way I could change anything, and I suddenly felt very very tiny in this huge world...

Thankfully, Nathan was still there for me. He always is. He kept telling me everything would be okay, and that he loves me. That alone made me feel much better.

Before leaving for home, I checked back with Paul to see if he might have come across it. He said that he hasn't and that Bob sent out an email telling all the professors to keep an eye out for it. Paul also told me that Bob is going to look through the security tapes to see who may have taken it. That statement alone made me feel really good. My professor is going to go out of his way to help me save my school and future career. That means he likes me. That means he thinks I have potential.

When we got home, Nathan cleaned my memory (which is different, very different, than cleaning my clock). He found a really large dust bunny. I tried my laptop, and it worked! It worked!!!

Now I'm able to work on my gift that I need to finish. I can do my photo homework, as well as my cinematography homework. Nathan still loves me. And Bob believes in me!

Even if I don't find my drive, I know it'll be okay. I learned a lot today. I learned that I need to tie my hard drive to myself, that love is very nice to have when all else seems cold and lost, and my professors believe in me. Despite all the problems, life is okay.

and if you see my drive, it's blue, says Iomega and is the size of a passport. oh, and it's got silver lining. ;)

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