Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I was riding in the car the other day with Chandler and we were listening to our favorite CD. (Yes, he and I do have somethings in common.) My favorite song on the CD came on, track eight or something. Here, listen to it:

I have no clue if the lyrics are actually right in this video, but I decided to post it instead of one with pictures, or fear that some of them might get risque and I didn't want to take the time to find out. *breath* So yea, just listen to it.

Chan and I are riding down the road, scouting places to shoot (another thing we have in common) and we're listening to this song. Suddenly, Chan has an "aha!" moment. So I turn down the radio to listen. He then goes on to explain how for months now he's been trying to figure out the meaning of this song. At first he thought that the singer was just having a really bad string of nightmares ("fighting my demons"). He said that it just occurred to him that what the singer is really talking about it life. Chan said, and I quote, "So, the guy actually just made a lot of mistakes in life. He says he's running from Jesus because he's afraid that since he's messed up so much he won't be loved anymore. The demons aren't really ghosts or monsters, they're his mistakes and sins. Right? So what he's trying to tell is a story about how he probably did something bad, like hurt someone or something, and now he's on the wrong path. He sees Jesus in the rear-view mirror because he sees what kind of person he used to be! I hope someone gives that guy a hug..."

Yes, that is what Chan said. Now, tell me, where in the world did an 8 year-old get that?! And where can I get some? He is such a brilliant little guy. I love it!

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