Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Higher than a Kite

I'm not joking. I've never felt more confident, or excited, or anything this great in my entire life. No drug that you buy could make you feel this incredibly high. No drug can create these emotions inside of you. (I'd dare you to try, but please, don't...I care about you, drugs are not the answer.)

I got a job offer in L.A. Burbank to be specific. Guess the company. Come on, no guesses are bad guesses. If you guessed DISNEY then you'd be RIGHT!!! Yes, Disney. THE Disney. The one, the only Disney.

This happened on Monday. I really cannot handle this excitement. I wish that when they asked I could have said "yes" in a heartbeat. I did say yes, but I had to throw in I need $$ and I'm still in school... They said they'll figure something out.

Even if this job doesn't work out, and I have to stay in Utah Valley, I'm just happy they noticed me. I'm happy that my name made it to his phone. I'm happy that they tapped me on the shoulder and said "Hey, we need your number. There's this series in L.A. that we're starting, and we want you to help us pilot it. We need someone like you do to camera stuff." someone like me. someone like me. SOMEONE LIKE ME!

If I could feed some of this excitement and energy into other people, I could empower a stadium of pessimists! I can't share, and for that I'm sorry. But what I can do with all this energy is put my efforts into stepping it up, more. My professor, Bob, was talking to a person on the set. This person told Bob where the studios were headed with a piece of technology. I heard which technology that is. I already know the one that is used now, but if I can teach myself the one that is up and coming... LA WILL BE MINE, BABY! and that's what I'm going to do. As soon as I finish all my projects that I need to finish, I'm going to work on that, and heck yes! I will own!

To everyone who thought that the cards were stacked against me, take that! Take this and run with it. Remember when you were mean to me? Have you heard the story of the little red hen that bakes bread? I want you to remember that you didn't treat me with respect. I want you to remember that I've come as far as I have without your help. (P.S. if my "antagonists" seem familiar, look in the mirror.)

I made it here only because The Lord has something in store for me. For whatever reason, He placed this opportunity in front of me. He gave me the talent and work ethics I need. I made it here because I have some major fans in my half the court. I have my family, my best friend, my friends, my teachers, and my Heavenly Father. (If you are anti-mormon, hate all you want, but I can thank who I want.) Thanks everyone who stood by my side when I needed it. Thanks everyone who pushed me down and made me come back stronger. It means the world to me. =)

Now let's take all this energy I have and dance until the sun rises in Tokyo 2020!

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