Thursday, March 3, 2011


A magician never reveals his secret, but he can't help it if the viewer figures it out.

Photographers are magicians. They astound audiences and viewers by performing tricks with the lights to make eyes glow. Photographers add new dimensions to scene with every flex of the finger.

There are some pictures that amaze me more than others. These photos very easily fill me with whatever emotion the photographer was feeling.

That is...until I figure out the trick behind them.

Just as a magician astounds audiences with his slight of hand and mirrors, photographers captivate people's imaginations with slight of light.

For example, I saw a photo done by Bob Boyd. Yes, he does many photos, but this one in particular is of the Mt. Timpanogos LDS temple. It's called "Mt. Timpanogos by Moonlight." (I can't post it due to copyright laws.) I fell in love with that picture when I first saw it. Then I stared at it, and stared at it, and stared at it, and stared at it. Then I figured out the trick. Now the picture is a lot less magical and a lot more technical.

Life is like that a lot. We witness miracles, or watch people act and react. We wonder. We ponder. We analyze. We over analyze. There are some things that don't need explaining. Some things that don't need reasons. Rules are guidelines. A lot of the time, we get caught up with details. The magic of life is sucked away when we tear it apart instead of enjoy it.

We let the technicality get in the way of life's magicality.

p.s. I am quite sad about how I sucked the magicality out of Bob's photo... and I really do wish I could like be his assistant or something... He's a photographic genius!

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