Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Morgan M. Alvari

Hi, my name is Morgan M. Alvari. I am a girl, just in case you haven't noticed. A lot of my professors read my name and instantly think I'm a guy. I don't look like a guy, but my name exudes testosterone apparently.

Last semester, in my DGM 1110 class, we did something called the "hall of fame." Each assignment we submitted was put in front of a panel of DGM professors and the top ones were selected for the "hall of fame." Almost every one of my assignments made it up there, and almost every time that they did, Kim would say "Oh yeah! Morgan! You're a girl!" It wasn't until the third to last assignment that she remembered I'm a girl.

My cinematography professor, Bob, calls me Megan a lot. He told me it's because Morgan is more masculine and I'm too small to be so masculine. I told him that I get that a lot.

Once my teachers realize I'm a girl, they try to call me "Megan." It seems to be really hard for people to match "Morgan" to me.  It doesn't help that my middle name is "Mikel" either. When people think I'm a guy, and they read that my middle name is "Mikel," they tend to think it's "Michael." Sometimes they still think that even after they find out I'm a girl.

It's not terrible, just a little weird. It's as if "Morgan" is reserved solely for guys, but "Alex" could go either way. Growing up, I always hoped that as I got older and started working, people wouldn't treat me different because I'm a girl. I guess that wish is coming true.

It's annoying that my professors think I'm a guy, but at the same time, they don't treat me like they do the other girls. In class I still have to tear things down, and get dirty, while the other girls kinda stick to the easier jobs. I'm liking it, but I wish my name were slightly less...flip-switcher.

There is a plus side to having the name Morgan though. In the generation before me, there are very few Morgans. Especially in the film industry. I have yet to hear mention of a notable "Morgan" in the filmmaking process. Wait, that's a lie. There's Morgan J. Freeman (creator of the reality TV shows "teen mom" and "teen mom 2") and Morgan Freeman (not related to the other guy, but still freaking awesome!). Other than that, though, there aren't a lot of Morgans floating around out there.

That gives me a lot of confidence, actually. Knowing my name isn't all that common means people will remember that name with my face a lot easier. Yesterday, when I was on set and they asked for my name and number, I was pretty excited to tell the Disney crew my name. I was even more happy when they repeated my name, which means it's more ingrained in their brains. =) Now, hopefully, when they hear Morgan, they'll think of me. Having a more masculine name might also sub-consciously think that I'm tough. (Stop laughing, it happens.)

All in all, I like my name. Morgan Mikel Alvari is who I am. It's what I do. It's how I think. It's how I feel. I am Morgan Mikel Alvari. I am everything the name says I am (except for related to Alvaris, or a male). Morgan is going to be the name that filmmakers remember. Morgan is going to be the name they dial up when they need someone. Morgan is the name you know me by. Morgan is the name you will love, remember, and be proud of with me. I am Morgan.

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  1. I know what you mean about having a masculine name. I was registering my car at the DMV and the clerk kept saying I needed Jordyn to sign the paperwork and as soon as "he" did i could get the registration. It took him forever to realize I was Jordyn, & because I was pregnant and overly-emotional I really almost started crying. haha