Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dodge Ball

Do you remember the days of dodge ball in school? Teachers tried to divide the class evenly: each team consisting of athletic people and nerds, equally. Balls would be thrown out onto the court and you would have to run up to them. Then the game always ended the same way. One team would cream the opponents. Team A would still have ten people, while Team B would have one, small, terrified student.

Team A would then plan to throw all the balls at one time. It's flawless. The remaining student is usually a small target and pretty good at running for their life, so by throwing all the balls, someone is bound to hit him or he'll run right into a ball while dodging. Logically, as a kid, it's an epic plan!

The last student, at this point, is terrified of letting his team down, of getting nailed in the face, and of actually saving his team because the other team may pick on him later. It's a tough place to be. Trust me. I always ended up being that last student. I was just a super small target! And I was good and dodging! When the entire team is there, it's super easy to dodge and be confident. But all at once, you're alone...and there is no one to hide behind...

Life is pretty much like one giant dodge ball game...and right now...It's me against all those huge scary people!

For all of my life I've been able to just coast by, letting all those events pass by me with minimal damage. Now, I caught one of the balls. I've become noticed. The other side is gathering all of their ammo. They're throwing all of the balls at me at one time.

First, my hard drive and computer crash. That was no big deal. It turned into an opportunity. I caught that ball and threw it back. Then Robert tried to mess me up. I had do dodge that one... After, I find out that my "friends" aren't anything better than any other human out there. They exclude me because, instead of asking how I feel, they leave me out to make their lives easier. That one flew at me repeatedly, and this time I caught it. And I'm carefully picking where to throw it next. So far, that's three balls... the team has at least five.

That means there are two more balls coming at me. I can't wait for them, just so I can throw them back and nail someone else in the head.

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