Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Best Friend

There's a quote that says something about how people come and go in our lives, but some leave footprints and we are never the same again. (Google it, I'm far too lazy to do it for you.)

It's very true that people come and go. Groups of friends change faster than the weather in Utah. Someone may be your best friend, then in a single moment, they are gone. Some friends you grew up with, others may have come into your life later. Sometimes it seems like you're floating on the wind, only passing through lives, never being able to stay long enough for something to happen. It sucks.

It sucks to suddenly be on the outside looking in on what used to be your group of friends. It sucks to become friends with someone, only to have them suddenly stop talking to you. The only thing that makes it easy for me is Nathan.

This was at a benefit concert in 2010
He came into my life later than my other friends, but we've been through more together than any of my childhood friends have. It means the world to me that he considers me his best friend. (Why wouldn't he, though? Duh, of course I'm his best friend.)

Nathan and I met right before all my other friends walked out (by "walk out" I mean "tore through my life and ripped it all apart"). He was there when Danny pulled his stupid stunt. Nathan was there when I got really sick. He was there to hold me when I was scared and alone. Nathan was there when everyone else left. Without Nathan, chances are I wouldn't be here.
2009 I think. Our first trip to Lagoon together

Then I got to be there for Nathan. I got the chance to hold him when he was angry and upset. He called me when it seemed like his life was falling apart around him. I got to hold his hand through his senior year. I got to watch him graduate. I got to listen to him play in the Jazz band everyday. I got to stay up until all hours of the night to help him finish his English assignments. I loved every second of it all.

My other friends probably felt like I was replacing them, but I wasn't. They walked out when I needed them. Nathan walked in before I needed him. He was there for it all. He's the best friend I've ever had.

Braxton took this picture, that's why it's out of focus.
I love when he plays with my siblings. I love when he scares the heck out of me while I'm driving (I don't love it at the time, but afterward it's pretty funny.) I love when he talks about computers (even if I don't understand what he's saying...). I love when he cooks (because I can't cook at all). I love it when he sends me texts in the morning so that the first thing I see is his name. I love when he gives me a huge hug after a super long day of school. I love how he lets me pick movies apart. I love when he holds my hand as we walk around the city. I love when he brushes my hair and tells me it looks nice even though I know I'd be mistaken for a bush. I love it when he goes shopping with me. I love how he remembers small details such as my favorite place to buy bags is Target. I love it when we go out to take pictures and he ends up taking pictures of me taking pictures. I love when he smiles at me for no reason. I love knowing that he'll be there no matter what happens. I love that, instead of getting angry at someone, he just holds me when that someone hurts me. I love waking up, knowing I'll get to see him soon. I love Nathan.

At one of Zac's concerts.
Yes, my old friends leave me out, and yes, it hurts. But in the end, I have the better deal. I have Nathan. I have a best friend who won't ever turn his back on me. I have someone who listens even if he's busy. In a few years, their friendship will change as some of them get married (and sadly, probably divorced too...). Ours isn't going to change, not like that. Everyday we spend together only makes our friendship stronger. I don't need to worry about looking good or impressing anyone. I can relax. I know that there will always be someone by my side, whether I decide to base jump off of the church office building, or whether I decide to dye my hair purple. I know that he'll support me no matter what.

Halloween 2009.
There will never be anyone else like Nathan in my life. I don't want there to be. I love Nathan, and I always will. =)

Our first dance together. Homecoming 2009  

 I wouldn't take any of it back and I wouldn't change any moment of it. Everything from meeting him on the bus to our first kiss was perfect. Going to his brother's concerts or hiding Easter eggs at my house, it all makes me smile. No matter how retarded we are, I love us. =)

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