Friday, April 22, 2011

No greater satisfaction

There is no greater satisfaction than knowing that he will have a really hard time working with anyone now. Yes, I did spread the word to have him black listed. No, I don't feel bad. If he's going to creep on people, then he's going to pay the price. Soon, if he plans on working in this industry, he will need to leave UVU. Girls don't work with sketchy creepers. Guys don't like to work with people who would even consider being a sketchy creeper. Unfortunately for him, he is a sketchy creeper. A drunk, psychopathic, sketchy creeper.

Does he not look like a drunk sketchy creeper?! Get to know this face, learn it, memorize it. Then, when you see him, RUN. Really quickly in the other direction. He doesn't listen to instructions. He feels too good to be a PA and he has that really annoying "entitled" attitude. He will prey on your daughters and wives. (So hide your kids, and hide your wife, hide your husbands too...) Seriously, he isn't worth your time and money. =) Find someone else to work on your projects with. If you need a photoshoot, hire someone else (and bring a buddy).

Really, he isn't someone you want to have anything to do with.

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