Thursday, April 21, 2011

This does not equate

Raise your hand if you like math! (Not meth, math.) Alright, put your hands down before people give you wedgies at lunch.

This math lesson is incredibly important. I need you all to take out a pencil, and a paper. Also, you may want an eraser, because mistakes will be made. Are you ready?

This is a punching bag:
Please draw this on your page. Note the size, color, shape, weight, and the fact that it hangs from ceiling, unable to walk off. I'll give you a few minutes to draw that up. Don't be afraid to use your eraser, I know we are not all artists here.

 Here is your equation:

       = ____x____ 

Your task is to figure out what x could be. Think about it a while. 
could = x

                                    x could = 

x could equal any number of things. There are some things x does not equal. 

Yes, this is an image of Stephen Hawking and his sister as children
 is not equal to x. never ever. 

punching bags and children are not equivalent. Write it down, don't forget it. 

The punching bag I showed you was a literal punching bag. One where you physically smack it around. A punching bag feels no pain and can handle all the physical beatings someone can dish out. That is fine. That is the point of them, right? Right!  

Humans, however, are a lot more sensitive. You can physically beat them and it will hurt. You can verbally bash them, and it will hurt. You emotionally push them around, and it hurts. Humans are not punching bags. There is more to a human than skin and padding. 

Look at that punching bag again. Look at it closely. Now look at this image:

Copyright Nathan Bryant 2011
 Does that look the same? Does it remotely resemble a punching bag? If you said yes, please feel free to look up a local optometrist. I will wait while you do that. 

People are not punching bags. Not for your crap. Feel free to take up boxing and learn to express yourself through physical movement. Don't hesitate to take an opera class to belt out all that frustration. Gyms are great places to wear your anger out. Just do not come to me and push me around. 

I am here to listen when you need to talk, but I don't need you to tell me I'm worthless when really, you're the one with the problems. I'm more than willing to give you a hand when you need one, but I am not your little toy to push around. We can hang out, that's totally fine. But you will compromise. If you choose to do something that I do not want to participate in, I reserve the right to say no. I do not need to do what you do to prove who I am. That doesn't even make logical sense!  

 On the outside, I am covered in skin. Just like that punching bag. On the inside, however, I am not made of fluffy padding. I am made of muscles, nerves and blood. I am full of feelings and hopes and dreams. You will not push me around. You will not beat me down in any way. I will not hang around and let you take advantage of me. 

The same goes for any person. You do not have any right to push anyone around. There is nothing on this planet that makes you better than others. Everyone is on the same level. No societal class puts you ahead of someone else. No amount of money gives you power over someone else. You may be older than someone, but you are not better. Age doesn't always bring wisdom, so learn to shut your mouth and listen for once. You are not the center of the universe. Someone may rely on you, do not let them down. Do not break the fragile hearts of men just because you are messed up. Freedom is not selective, and everyone deserves to make their own choices, whether you agree or not. No one is required to hang around just to be beaten up. 

If you cannot handle that, then please, grow up. Each person makes a series of decisions everyday. There is no way in the world that you will agree with every decision. Do not force your own opinions onto anyone else. Someone may not believe the same things as you. Get over it. 

      is not equal to

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