Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco De Mayo

In a very unfortunate accident... my time machine was wrecked. It wasn't covered by insurance because it cost too much... *Sigh* so we'll need to just talk instead of travel. I'm sorry...

Today is el Cinco de Mayo. No, I don't actually remember where the holiday originated. I know, after learning about it for 12 years, you would think that I'd know this by heart. All I know is my short history with this fiesta-day.That's what I want to talk to you about, so sit tight and enjoy your nachos.

2007: I tried Desnudo. It's a soup that is supposedly traditional in some Spanish speaking nation. I have no idea why we were trying it, or who brought it, but I do know that I got extra credit for trying it! Desnudo is a brothy soup that has corn nuts in it. That part is super tasty. But my teacher would not offer me extra credit to drink beef broth full of corn nuts. So what else is in this soup that makes it so special? Cow intestines. Please, don't barf on the screen. Yes, four years ago, I tried cow intestines for extra credit.

2008: This is the day that I went to tell my ex-boyfriend that we were over for good. I planned on saying adios then going home and asking Nathan to hang out. I was tired of how this other guy treated me and I liked being with Nathan. The whole walk there, I thought about Nathan and how much fun I had with him. Then I got there. I met up with this guy, he led me into a cemetery and sexually assaulted me. WORST. DAY. EVER. I ran home crying. I felt like that was the first day of the last days of my life. I hated life. I told Nathan everything. I knew I could trust him. I couldn't help but trust him. He was the best friend I had ever had (and still have)!

2009: I slept through an AP test. Not just any AP test...the SPANISH AP test. Yes, some really rude test authorities put the Spanish AP test on the Cinco de Mayo. WHO DOES THAT?! It was not funny. Especially since we took the test at seven in the morning. It's no wonder I fell asleep during the test. 
2010: I had school until two. Nathan had work at three. We had one hour to rush to Taco Bell and try to celebrate the Spanish holiday, gringo style! Unfortunately, Taco Bell makes me sick. This day though, totally beat the last two! And I would do it again in a heartbeat. It was mucho fun!

2011: This year, we're not gonna do Taco Bell, I am not taking any tests, I'm spending the day with Nathan (like it should be) and he's going to cook dinner that does not include cow intestines.We're going to party up our Cinco de Mayo like two, very very gringo college kids. =)

We're going to fiesta, until we need to siesta! =) (yes, it is common to rhyme "fiesta" and "siesta" as a gringo, and I enjoy doing it!)

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