Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Moving Target

Unless you're hunting, targets are generally stationary, right? The classic target is round, with red and white circles, right?


I happen to be round, with red and white circles, right?


If you can't tell the difference, the target is the one on the top, the one on the bottom is me.

I'm pointing this out because some people seem to have this idea in their head that I am a target. I am Mormon. I'm not ashamed of it, it's a lifestyle choice. I'm not the type of Mormon who will hate you for drinking, I won't judge you because you have tattoos; I don't care if you swear or sleep around. Your life is your choice. My life is my choice. That's chill, right?

Being Mormon and living in THE place where Mormons happen to be the majority, you would think that people here are used to Mormon girls. At work, there are probably a million BYU students. That's your typical Mormon, right? Yet, I'm the only one who gets flack for it.

I've never been like really picked on for it, just teased casually. It happens a lot. I live with a million Mormons, so I get teased for being Mormon. I go to school with a ton of filmmakers, so I get questioned about it. I dress modestly, like all the other girls I chill with, but I get the funny looks. It's like someone tattooed a huge target on my face that I can't see.

It doesn't bother me, it just confuses me. I don't care if someone wants to crack jokes about prayers, or if someone wants my entire list of favorite films and why. I don't care that some one thinks I'm weird for covering up. It's fine. It doesn't hurt. I just don't understand why I'm the target. There are so many more people who are much more Mormon than I am. There are a ton of people who dress like their closet puked on them. There are millions of filmmakers in the world...so why me?

People can keep teasing me, but when they start to seriously hurt me, I'll speak up, don't worry. No one has teased me to the point of doing damage, if they do, they'll regret it. =)

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  1. Sorry you get teased! I don't know why this is. Maybe people notice that you are more chill than average, so they unload on you all the stuff they've been thinking about everyone else. Or, maybe your openness puts you in social circles other mormons avoid.

    When I lived in UT, I used to get teased for being too mormon AND for not being mormon enough, depending on who I was with.